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Crap. This is getting redundant. Faya mouths off at Mum, Mum threatens to take her to Emergency Services in New West and have her dumped in a foster home. She broke my door. Not impressed - but my mother is the high queen of over-reactions.

(Never mind that Mum *is* a social worker, which means they won't take her without a week-long consultation and besides, Fay isn't violent, doesn't do drugs - at least not hard drugs - and doesn't have a criminal record so they almost certainly wouldn't take her at all.)

I figured this out tonight, with Nadia and Ki. Mum got me first - I'm a lot like her, I think, when she was my age. Unusual, eccentric, very few, very good friends, socially dysfunctional but essentially well-adjusted. Mostly. Basically, weird mom gets weird kid.

Then she got Faya. And I guess she figured, with the way I turned out, that she could use the same "treat-as-adult, mostly-hands-off" approach she used with me and get the same results. But Faya... she turned out "normal". Faya's "cool". Mum was absolutley freaking *thrown* by Faya. I would've been too. Where did this kid come from? Red-blond hair, bright blue eyes, absolutely *gorgeous* and unusually pretty, personable, popular, social. Where the *hell* did this kid come from? Is she even ours?

Well, obviously. But Faya is the odd-one-out in our family. The rest of us are all on the eccentric, intellectual side. I mean - look at our names! I don't know exactly where my sibs' names came from, but Arien is out of the Silmarillion. (Not that I mind... *smirk*) Ki's the same way, or is heading that way in as much as a twelve-year-old can. (I worry about Ki sometimes - she's never sure whether she'd rather be like me or Faya - she doesn't know if she wants to be cool or have real friends, and is still struggling with the frequently unpleasant truth that it's unbelievable rare to get both.) But Faya is *not* an intellectual, is not an eccentric, is not well-read or a writer or a poet or a drama kid. She dances, but we've all danced since we were three. So Faya acts out, in a way - or at least, by our family's standards. All the while, the rest of us and especially Mum, seem to forget the fact and maybe willingly ignore the fact...

Faya's normal. That's why she's the oddity in our batch. None of us are. And as much as Mum doesn't want to admit it - it's normal to be mouthy and shallow and vapid now, at the age of fourteen. Faya just seems that itsy bit worse because Mum's always been very liberal with us, and that little bit was just the push Faya needed to drive mum positively bonkers. The fact of the matter is, though, that she's spoiled. Unbelievably. We all were, but Ki and I were always unusual enough to be able to weather it with few or no ill effects. Faya wasn't. Isn't. Mum doesn't want to admit that she spoiled Fay, or that there's nothing actually *wrong* with Faya.

Dont' get me wrong - she's a brat, and she steals my stuff, and wears my clothes without asking, and mouths off at me, but she's normal. Unfortunately.

Mum can't actually, like a lot of other parents, justifiably blame society, because she's not that kind of parent - though it *is* society's fault, the level of disturbance Faya causes with Mum isn't Faya's fault - it's because of Mum's mindset. She can't accept the fact that she's produced an aspiring bottom-feeder, a kid so polar-opposite from her. She can't relate to her - so she flips.

And one quality in the females of our family that almost always breeds true, aside from the senility - soooooo many drama queens. My mum really enjoys over-dramatising things. It gives her a kick.

I admit - it scares me too. Faya told me a while back she wanted to be an aerobics instructor. *shudder* 'Course, her alternative was BCIT. Which would be great - she's fantastic at math, something I never got the hang of... which is why I'm doing History.

Ah, well. Faya's back now. Mum wants her to go to counselling - I don't know how much good that will really do, to be honest. I instinctively distrust governmental thingies, and even more distrust the branch of government-employed psychologists. Nothing personal - I've just never met one I like.

But I swear, first sign of prescriptions for mood-altering drugs of *any* kind.. I take Fay and Ki and we jet for Mexico.

Or something. ;)

Damn; I'm supposed to *drive* her tomorrow. I should sleep.

My family, ladies and gentlemen. Come prepared - caffeine and helmets.

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