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They called this morning.

Save-On, that is. Again. At *eight*. On a Tuesday. Offering me an eight-hour shift.
And I said: "I have school weekdays."
And she said (all pissy): "If you're in school you have to hand in a form, blahblah. It just makes more work for us if you don't, blahblahblahnatterbitchnatter."
And I said: "I handed in the form. READ THE FORM!"


So I went and handed in the *same* form, *again*. For the *second time*.

I mean, no, I don't have class *today*. But this time next week, I *will*. And I don't want them calling and getting pissy and putting "refused shift" on my schedule because I was at school, just because they can't get off their asses, walk across the six-by-ten foot office, and READ THE FORM that they insisted, *twice*, that I take in.

Morons. >.

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