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For some reason, I felt the need to share this...

In the breakroom at work, there's a poster. Written in bold white underneath a photograph of a dramatically-windwept ocean tide beating against a glowing light-house:

"CUSTOMER SERVICE; The Sea of Change can pull customers in many directions. It is our responsibility to Light the Way and take care of them... Before the Competiton does."

Yes. That's what it said. In a completely non-satyrical font, too. Complete with random caps. I hope the cameras didn't see me laughing that hard.

Also, reading magazine titles out of boredom at the end of my shift; there's something slightly off about the cover of Vanity Fair reading: Exclusive First Look: The New Harry Potter!

Brought out all sorts of deeply disturbing images of Harry wearing the new Laura Ashley line. *shudder*

Anyway. Had Picnic. Some People didn't show up. *Significant look in direction of guilty parties, mostly Nadia*

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