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Stupid daytime.

I usually do all my important things at night. Work, write, read. I concentrate better at night. Which is bad, considering most of these school things happen during daylight hours.

Good thing daylight savings time is almost here again. ;)

No, really, for some reason I work better at night. Which was really bad - I didn't think of it last night, when I was suddenly seized by the urge to change all the paragraph separators on my songs page to tables, because all the gaping spaces were bugging me. I'd forgotten that this would involve using *more* code, not less, and it ended with me having to split the page in two. There is now a tunes.html and a tunes2.html. Silly me.

I didn't realize how silly this was until Mum woke me up this morning to demolish the porch.

That's not the way it sounds, actually. Our house was built in the mid-nineties, and so of course, all the building materials are crap. The back stairs are falling apart, because the wood was never sealed, and they were rotting from the middle outward. So we tore up the stairs and now the porch is just hanging out there, in midair, with no way down. It really freaks out the dogs, who were standing on said porch all morning, watching us do it. Chowder, especially, was very distressed.

We plan to build new stairs, but of course Dad wants to do something more complicated. Stupid Dad. *sigh* Anyway, we now have no back stairs. Which also freaks out the dogs. Now they stand under the porch, staring up at it and making piteously confused whining noises.

Though now I'm tired, and I have to go in to school, give them money, collect various papers, and then sit in the big open space/lobby/whatever thingy in the class building and wait for my Basics exam, which is at 7pm. But I must be there before five, because for all its shinyness, CDIS is still a post-secondary institution, and so of course the administrative offices must follow the universal rules of all administrative offices: open late supposedly by nine, close two hours for lunch, open again and close at three or four minutes before five so that all the people rushing to get there just in the nick of time will miss out and have to make the hour-and-a-half drive again the next day, but this time in morning rush hour traffic.


Thinking I'm okay about the exam, though - the PC one doesn't really worry me at all. The IMAC one, well... I haven't used an IMAC since high school, but Kimry says it's "how do you change the available memory for a program" and "what happens when you hit apple+C" things. I hope I do well on these, because having to take an INTRO course for a MAC would be deeply embarassing. Not that I'm clear on why they would even be *using* bloody IMACs, that have shit-all processing power and evil-lack-of-input-devices and completely-anti-user-interfaces, when they have 10 grand a student with which to buy better equipment. Actually, Kimry says they rarely even use them, and indeed I don't remember seeing a single one on the tour, so I don't know. *shrug* All will be well. I *shall* kick the tests' collective asses. Yup.

'Course, first I have to actually *get* there.

*goes off to hunt down car*

(For the bored/interested, there is a new song. Due to aforementioned stupid reformatting, it has not been added to the Tunes page. But anyway.)

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