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So, I got back from breakfast this morning feeling kind of crappy, so I took a nap. When I woke up I immediately went into the bathroom and threw up.

So... for obvious reasons, I called work, and said I wasn't coming in. The *ass* on the other end got all snippy and bitchy and started making snide, sarcastic comments. Like "Oh, we already covered your shift. We knew you'd call in sick." To which I said "Huh?" And he said: "Well, you call in sick eveyr weekend."

Which is totally untrue. And I said: "I"ve called in sick *once* before."

And he sort of verbally shrugged, in the way that really made me wish I could smack him, for being such a snitty little bastard, and he said: "Well, see if you can bring in a doctor's note."

He wanted me to bring in a doctors note. For waht turns out to be a *stomach virus*. The doctor at the clinic thought it was pretty stupid too, which made me feel better. Manager-guy told me to bring it in next time I had a shift (I don't actually *have* any more scheduled shifts, which means I'll have to *go in*, specially, just to shove the doctor's note down his throat. Stupid little bastard.

My mother wants me to call the union on him - my contract says nothing about requiring a doctor's note for calling in sick. and if he really wants to get into it, I've been there two months and they're supposed to give me three weeks notice on shifts. Which they've *never* done.

And I'm tempted, but it's just that I just don't *care* that much about this job, not even a little, because they treat me like crap and screw my shifts around gleefully. I'm going back to school soon anyway. Mum's not going to let it go.

Pity I don't have, written down, any of my shifts or anything from July. I only have everything from post-Dexcon on, because that's when I got my planner. And I haven't called in sick before. I've called in and cancelled shifts, but those were all bloody *school* related. And they're constantly calling and taking my shifts away with no notice. So to *hell* with them.

Gods. I really don't want to do this stupid union thing. I just want to quit like I was going to anyway. Sigh. Yes. I know. Blahblahblahresume, blahblahblahreferences, blahblahblahfuturejobs. Blah. I know. Stupid f*cking Save-On-Foods.


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