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I do not know why my mother makes these statements.

Mum: I don't suppose you've seen Kiley's retainer case.
Me: Um... no?
Mum: She says she left it here when she left.
Me: *shrug* I... wasn't here when she left. You'd have to ask Faya.
Mum: And she's out.
Me: *nod*
Mum: That's... like... five hundred dollars, down the drain.
Me: *stare*

Now... *why* must she always turn everything into a massive crisis? This I do NOT understand. She did the same thing last week with my application. Which is now *in*, by the way. No, Mum, it's only MID-August, they won't take me off the health insurance 'til the END of August. Calm. BREATHE.

My mother is a serious alarmist. It drives me *insane*. >.

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