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Here y'go, Heatherly. :)

What is your favorite:

Flower? Ironically enough, Heather. I guess it's the Scot in me. ;)
Gemstone? Amethyst, star saphires, anything dark purple.
Metal (gold, silver, brass, etc)? Silver.
Animal? Panthers, hawks, owls, and of course unicorns.
Fragrance? Vanilla and Nag Champa.
Color? Dark purple, black, silver, brown, earthy greens.
Car? Right now? I have no preference, as I'm about to spend at least four years without one. But I'm very fond of my twinkie-yellow Toyota. :)
Language? Scottish Gaelic
Style (classical, elegant, casual, eccentric, etc)? Not really eccentric - I always think classic and elegant but end up casual too. Always comfortable.
Food? Chocolate. :) Macaroni&cheese.
Outfit? Don't think I really have one.

Do you wear:

T-Shirts? Yep.
Earrings? Yep.
Anklets? Not much.
Bracelets? Always.
Tattoos? No.
Necklaces? Two, all the time.
Rings? Several all the time.
Birkenstocks? Not in memory, no.
Sandals? Sometimes.
Hemp jewelry? I think I own a choker, but I don't wear it much.
Religious symbols? Pentagram pendant, but don't have it anymore.
Nail Polish? Nope.
Halloween costumes? Whenever I get the chance. It's my favorite holiday.

Have you ever:

Bungee jumped? No.
Climbed a mountain? We live at the foot of several. Hike lots.
Gone swimming in the ocean? A few times.
Gotten a speeding ticket? Not yet.
Won something at a state/local fair? No.
Won playing Bingo? Not unless you count World War One History Bingo where I won an orange lollipop. :)
Been on stage? Lots. Used to be in a theatre group, then ran one, used to sing a lot, still dance... soon won't anymore. :(
Taken a walk in the rain? I LIVE IN BC. It's kinda unavoidable. And I love it. :)

What's the:

First thing you thought when you woke up this morning? Mail! Yay! :)
Funniest thing you've heard recently? "The Antichrist is a plural - otherwise they couldn't fit in Bill Gates, Ricky Martin, Christina Aguilera, Brittany Spears, *and* all their buds..." last night during a nine-hour Monopoly game with my friends.
Last road sign you remember reading? Er... STOP?
Oddest thing in your room right now? A lamp with blue hair.

And last but not least:

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Want? A writer. But realistically, a historian/archeologist. Starting university at StFX in September.

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