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Let me tell you how I spent my afternoon.

I drove my little sister around all day, dropping off resumes and filling off applications for places all up and down Lougheed near where we live - places within walking distance. After we'd done the last place, Starbucks, she said "hold on", and went three doors down and into the dollar store. When she returned, she told me how she'd been *offered* a job there a couple of months ago, in the words: "come drop me a resume as soon as you turn fifteen". My sister gets *offered* jobs everywhere she goes. It baffles me. It must be the bubbliness. Sigh.

Anyway. She's probably *got* a job. Which is good, because it means she won't be sitting around the house all the time anymore. And it means she and I can get our own line, because Mum and Dad just killed the kid line in the interest of economizing, and we no longer even have call waiting. Sigh. And it means she can bribe me properly, with money. ;)

I still hate *my* job - apparently they called FIVE TIMES while I was in Ontario, even though I BOOKED IT OFF, YOU BASTARDS. I was going to call and tell them I'm back earlier than I thought I would be, but to hell with it. I'm going to look for a new job. They never give me any shifts when I *can* take them, anyway, and apparently you have to be there a year or more before you get anything regular. And... I just don't care that much. New job. Definitely new job. If I work somewhere, I need it regular and consistent, especially during school when it comes. I'm working 'cause I need *income*, damnit, not because I have nothing better to do. The bastards.

Almost finished applying for school - just need a letter of reference from someone. I'm going to try Kristi (that still sounds weird... I keep thinking "Ms. L", even though she told us to call her Kristi in eleventh grade - some kind of Smart Kids privilege... ;) - e-mailed her already, in fact. Has to be a "past or present instructor or employee", on professional letterhead. Yeesh. If Ms. L can't do it, I'll ask Susan - the dance school matriarch. She's a teacher, *and* she's known me since was six.

I also applied for the full run of free acting workshops at CDIS. Which will be fun. Yee. :) I'm figuring on nosing my way slowly into acting while I'm at CDIS doing animation. Yeah, okay, totally unrealistic, but fun. ;)

Hmm. Canadian Diabetes Association shows up on call display as Can. Diab. Ass. I don't know why this is so funny. ;)

I came back from going with Faya to the store and found Shannon here, with a new Boy. There's a new Boy. His name's Martin (I think). I don't know why it surprises me to come home after two weeks away to find Shannon has a new Boy (We call them Boys. Mum's word. ;). I should be used to it by now. ;)

Ooh. Roswell marathon. *And* Rat Boy Tribute Week. Joy. ;)

Shannon and the Boy should be back soon (they went out to eat) and then we'll go fetch Nadia, come back and get her dresser from her mum's house, then take it to her apartment (*coughmonasticcellcough*), and whisk her back here for the night. Haven't seen anyone here for two weeks, after all. I'll do it with Kimry as soon as she gets back from Edmonton, even though I didn't know she was going. *pout*

And look: The Plague Dogs is on. I think I'll watch it - even though it's very sad and I never get all the way through. ;)

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