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Aftermath of 37 hours...

...of not sleeping, that is. I didn't realize until about ten-thirty last night that I'd been awake for almost thirty-seven hours - because I got home yesterday and just didn't bother going to sleep. I got distracted by books and laundry and shiny things on the computer. Lost time, Y'know?

I realized it when Mum asked us to go get groceries last night. I was feeling sicker than ever, throat and head and dizziness and coughing and (probably) fever, despite the fact that it went away for about two hours yesterday, only to return with a vengeance. Gods. My immune system has no sense of timing. I went over to our neighbours' place across the street to help Carson fix his computer, and after I finished, I had a coughing fit that lasted almost ten minutes. Sean had to run and get me water. It sucked. And then he spent twenty more minutes trying to get me to tell him what happens in The Two Towers, because he's all obsessed with the first movie and he doesn't want to wait. So I lent him the book. And I warned him about the second half.

Anyway. It was ten-thirty, and they wanted groceries. Why they couldn't wait 'til morning, I don't know. But we went, and then I came back, and I sat down on Mum's bed, and said that anyone who woke me before noon today would die a horrible death. She laughed at me and patted me on the head. And then went back to reading what she'd been reading. I caught her reading the Dexcon Anthology last night. ;)

Anyway. I still feel like crap, and if work calls, I'm going to tell them to piss off, because I feel like crap. Though for some reason I'm still expected to drive Faya around to drop off resumes and job applications, because Mum and Dad are getting rid of her line, and Faya wants to keep it. Yeesh.

The real irony is that it's only ten AM. *sigh*

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