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The carpet is frightening...

I'm sitting in my friend Carolyn's basement in Ottawa, the day after Dexcon, and the carpet has this pattern so horrible my eyes hurt.

Dexcon's over with for another year, and last night I slept for the first time in about a week. How disappointing. ;) I'm always amazed, too, by the fact that Dexcon always manages, somehow, to fall during the hottest few days of the year in Toronto - this year wasn't nearly as bad as last year, and the last two days it didn't even go much over 23/25. Which was nice. Less melting, and no fainting Sassys like last year. I'm kind of disappointed it's over, and the sleeping totally threw off my pattern, but next year is only a year away. ;) And I've got all sorts of lovely material reminders of this year - the anthology from the workshop (which was great, albeit exhausting), and the CD (I listened to it on the way up here from Toronto and the time passed like *that*), and the T-shirt - for which Carolyn gave me a somewhat funny look, but ah, well. ;)

Had a sort of interesting experience getting to the bus station yesterday - arrived at the Dundas subway station around ten to six, got there at six on the dot and found a line twenty-two long. I panicked for the twenty minutes it took to get up to the counter (one clerk after another was putting up little Closed signs), and when I finally got there, I got the *last* ticket on the entire bus. Whew. And the lady let me have a student discount, even though I haven't gotten 'round to renewing my ISIC card since last June. And now I have eighty bucks left 'til the twelfth. And I *shall* not ask Mum for more money. Shan't.

And now I'm going to type up the fic I wrote at Dexcon, and post it to the subcafe list, because they're watching Passions, and when I watch that I laugh so hard it hurts, and my sunburn is giving me enough trouble already. Cheers.

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