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I would just like to say: *sigh* :)


I am happiest when: Accomplishing something worthwhile.

I feel lonely when: I make myself that way.

Favorite authors: Mercedes Lackey, J.R.R. Tolkien, Douglas Adams, Anne McCaffrey, Piers Anthony, Terry Brooks, Terry Pratchett... many more, I'm sure.

What makes you cry?: Smoke? Anger. Indignance.

Introvert or extrovert?: Introvert.

Do you think too much?: Constantly.

Famous person you would like to meet: Louise Vallance. Claudia Christian. JASON CARTER... *ahem* J.R.R. Tolkien.

Do you believe in organized religion?: Believe, yes. Suppport, no. I'm more eclectic with my spiritual beliefs. Though I really would like that "My Other Car is a Broom" bumper sticker I saw in Ashland. :)

Pro-life or pro-choice?: Erm... choice.

Are you a vegetarian?: Suuure... ;)

Do you support the death penalty?: It all depends.

Do angels or demons exist?: Probably - never met one, though. :P

What would you most like to be doing right now?: Swimming alone.

Do you have any regrets?: Plenty.

Sex or love?: They're not the same thing... but love, I guess.

Favorite coffee: Don't drink coffee... drink tea. Coffee not good for Chandris, unless one wants a bouncing Chandri... ;)

Brand of cigarettes: Eck. *scowl* 'Fraid not - asthma and deep disgust.

Favorite scent: Orange Mr. Sketch markers, vanilla, Nag Champa.

What REALLY makes you mad?: Prejudice and willing stupidity.

What is your best quality?: Empathy and logic.

Are you currently in love/lust?: Erm. Maybe.

Any bad habits: Overcritical, elitist, arrogant.

Do you find it hard to trust people?: Most of the time.

Do you ever doubt yourself?: More than I used to.

Last book you read: No Great Mischief by Alistair MacLeod. (My cousin! I'm semi-directly related to someone actually *published*! Besides my dad, I mean... :)

Last thing you bought yourself: Package of M&M's, and an X-Men lapel pin... ;)

Bath or shower: Shower.

Favorite season: Fall.

Porn or erotica: I abstain... ;)

What is your favorite flavor?: Chocolate. Specifically mint chocolate.

What is your favorite time of day?: Night, when no one's awake but me.

Gold or silver: Silver

Any secret crushes?: Isn't that the idea...?

Do you ever feel you are insane?: Often.

Favorite style of music: Nothing specific, but rap, pop and country make my teeth ache. What does Our Lady Peace qualify as?

What do you desire most in life?: To accomplish someting worthwhile.

Do you believe in destiny?: Most of the time. That's the problem.

Is world peace attainable?: Sure. Just not our world.

City or country?: Country, but with a cable modem.

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