Chandri MacLeod (chandri) wrote,
Chandri MacLeod

Tying up loose ends

Went to school today, and will be finished with registration (hopefully) by the end of this week. Dex got my money, and all the info I was supposed to give him. I get paid next week, and I just need to supplement that money that's coming with another three hundred or so for assorted expenses for the whole two weeks I'm spending out there (though gods know where I'm getting that from... o.O).

I'm still somewhat frightened by the idea of Boybands in Space. I think I might have nightmares. o.O

And... I wrote fic today! Well; some fic. Some fic that will be finished and posted before I leave. Really. Promise.

Maybe I should write it on my hand or something...

And I... should get some last-minute shopping in, with the thirty-odd bucks I've got, for summery-tops and stuff. I've got lots of shorts now, but not so many tank tops. I should remedy this.

I must also remember to get sunscreen. We do not want a repeat of the horrid, horrid burns I managed to get at *both* last-year cons. Ye gods. My lobster colour would not match my dress.

Ooh! My dress! It's made of the leftover fabric from my grad dress, because it was so nice the first time. Same skirt, new shirt. Niiiice top. It gots ribbons. ;)

Been making my way through the Crystal Singer books, mostly because I've run out of other things to read. Everything else in my room is non-series, and my other books are in the garage. I've got three incomplete trilogies sitting on my desk, most of which I've read two and am lacking the last part. Or the first part. Anyway. What I'm reading now; I haven't read McCaffrey since elementary school, and I'd forgotten how confusing her omnicient narration is. Rivals Tolkien, except Tolkien just runs on, doesn't actually *lose* me. Ye GODS.

Should visit the bookstore before I leave. too.

Work tomorrow. Sigh.

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