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Money, and other things I hate...

Actually, just money. Namely, I must send Dex that three hundred bucks I owe him (that's three hundred Canadian, don't look at me like that :P).

Also, I am getting my plane ticket(s) tomorrow. I might fly standby coming back, because I'm in no great hurry to come back from Ottawa, but Dexcon has a timetable, and stuff... buiy the plane tickets, I am borrowing money from... my sister. The evil one. The evil, fifteen-year-old one who says things like "ill" and "poor" as colloquial expressions of negativity.


She, however, has four thousand dollars in her bank account, while I have... um... just about three hundred, which is already spoken-for.


I hope Toronto's not as disgustingly hot this year as it was last year. 'Course, now that I've said that, I've probably jinxed it. :(


The mini-waterfall/pond in the backyard is almost finished. The waterfall works. The pond is full. Now all it needs is borders and plants. I shall photograph it when it's finished. Our yard now has the sound of running water in it. If you're by a window you can imagine there's a brook back there. :) I spent a couple of hours today with my littlesis lilymc and dianahobart building little stick boats and sailing them across the pond. Got some pretty good ones, too. Then we went thrifting and I got four new shirts. Gods, I missed thrift stores.

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