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"Rooms full of light and air..."

I bought some plants today, while I was at Save-On with Shannon. We got some corn for dinner - because that's one of our favourite foods. Makes me think that if I do move out with Shannon, food won't be a big argument - we have all the same tastes.

I got a little tiny potted ivy, which now resides in a goblet under my windowsill, a great stoneware thing my mum's had since she was my age. I also got another thing with hangy vines - I don't know what it is, but it's got great, thick waxy leaves, and I only know it's an indoor plant because Mum's got one in the living room that's much, much bigger. We've had that one since we lived in Mary Hill when I was three, so I think it'll do fine in here. I also got something that looks tropical - don't know what the name of it is either, but it's got long, graceful leaves with sort of pointed tips, and the leaves are fsark green with a purple tinge to them. I guess I'll hve to look them up. I also bought nectarines, and I ate one and put the pit in a little flowerpot with some soil on the windowsill. I don't know if/when I will move out, but when I do, the place will have to have a garden, or at least, a good, wide windowsill and large windows. I don't think I could live somewhere cramped and lightless. My room looks so huge since I tidied it up, all bright and airy, and the floor's completely bare. It's weird - there's usually mess piled somewhere in here, but right now there's nothing. I like it this way. I think I'll try to keep it this way.

All things considered, though, it is starting to look like I might be moving out come September/October. I haven't even *started* looking for places yet, but since Shannon's going to Douglas College in New West and I'll more than likely be doing CDIS in Burnaby, it'd just be easier to live closer by than I do now. I hate commuting, and the shorter the better. And yes, I know I swore up down and sideways that I'd never live with Shannon again, but she's changed since I left and came back, mellowed out. I won't say grown up - around here that's akin to a curse. ;) But she has gotten a bit more... practical, I guess. And if Kimry came to live with us, it would be nice, too.

Very grown-up thoughts I'm thinking lately. Living in a real-live apartment - not like in residence at StFX, where all the people in my building were mentally sixteen and looked at the whole dorm situation like it was one big sleepover. No. These are responsible thoughts. These are... thoughts that belong to an...

...no, I can't say it. ;)



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Jul. 10th, 2002 03:32 pm (UTC)
The Real World... (insert scary music)
moving out, huh? cool... make a budget! seriously... consider:

-rent (1br 600, 2br 700, look at www.bcclassified.com under burnaby/new west)
-utilities (heat and hot water are 'bout 50 if they're not included in the rent)
-phone (33 for land line w/voice mail)
-cell phone
-insurance for mable (100/mth?)
-gas, oil, repairs...
-OR bus pass (63)
-food (150?)
-clothes (depends... think everything from undies to pjs, jeans, tops, boots, shoes...)
-cable (20 for basic)
-cable modem (46?)
-laundry (@ my flat it's 3.25 a load for washer and dryer, some places don't have them in the building)

Time Eaters:
-laundry (more time if you hafta walk it down the street)
-cooking all your meals
-job to pay rent
-cleaning house

Other Considerations
-it's cheaper to get a 1br and have one person sleep in the front room. it can make that person's rent cheaper, but it cuts down on privacy, as kitchen and front room are usually one.
-shannon's bfs... if you share, she can bring in her friends, whether or not you like them.
-if you get a 2br, you can rent out your front room to kimry and you and shan can still have your own rooms and a kitchen
-apply for student loans soon...
-most places require a one year lease. so if you get ditched, you gotta be able to make that rent.
-if you're gonna move, do it in august. look for a place NOW! for two reasons:
1) moving in September implies fighting Dougie, CDIS, SFU, BCIT kids...
2) school starts September third. moving in august lets you get everything set up.

Happy Hunting!
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