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Aussie candy is superior.

There's no question about it. ;)
Tim Tams, of course. And Jaffas. And... Milo bars, and now, Minties. Because I had a sore throat, and I ate one, and now I don't. Pity Auntie Lesley has to go home to get it, or Dad does, or people have to visit.

So. The news.

- I'm allergic to something that's making my throat itch. And... um... I think my asthma's coming back, even though it hasn't seriously bothered me since I was twelve. So Mum's insisting I go to the doctor, all glee-filled since she's been trying to get me to go for a month since I haven't been in... uh... three years, almost. *cowers*
- Ye GODS, airline tickets are expensive. It's going to cost me $815-plus to do Dexcon. And that's WestJet. I blame Air Canada. Maybe I'll fly standby or something... *cringe*
- I owe Dex money. Bad me. How much money do I owe...? Must check...

- I booked Dexcon off, and they didn't even complain. Loudly. They gave me sidewise glances when I told them where and why I was going for two weeks in August, but pheh. ;)
- Talked to Carolyn - sort of. Shall phone her tomorrow and work out when I should schedule my flight out of Ottawa, since I'm going there after Dexcon. Hot. Yech. I'll have to bring her home with me, to where the temperature is generally civilized. But if she makes me go traffic-counting with me, I think I might... I don't know yet, but it won't be nice.

I think there was more, but if there was, I've forgotten.

You. People. You're not doing anything important. Go listen to me

Ooh. I just killed a mosquitoe. Rejoice.

Oh. Right. Kristine e-mailed me today. Said she understood why I was upset (which I doubt) and that she wanted to talk. Hmm.
I don't think I care. 'Cause I'm right. It's strangely comforting.

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