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We were once creatures
of water and light.
And time has made us stone
and sugar -
Never seeking,
always looking,
walking unnarmed
in a mad world.
-- The Grey Ballad, verse 01, lines 1-8

Damn, damn, damn.
I finally finished "Minor Shadows" - my sequel to "Faithles Wrath" (no, oddly enough, not fic, original stories). They're the main stories in my new "Concrete Versus Empyreal" series. Short-stories. This is what I get for thinking I can write short-stories... and now there are two. Theoretically, there are actually five, if you count the fill-in-the-blanks stuff. I'm actually quite proud of this batch... last night I actually started adding poetic interludes between the stoires... shame on me... ;)

Problem is, I need at least (at *least* - I decided this) three more stories, possibly four,to tie stuff up and bring all the plots together and round everything off. And I can't think of a damned thing to write.


*And* Redrival's being pissy. *Just* what I needed...

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