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I want a kitty.

I do. It's one more reason to move out - along with the whole every-SPCA-shelter-in-the-Lower-Mainland-is-overflowing-with-kitties thing. I want a kitty. I *should* have a kitty.

So... should check into CDIS. Or something. Now.

Got called in to work at nine this morning, worked 'til six. Love that I get no warning of any kind. I can't wait 'til I've been there long enough that they just give me scheduled hours and anything else I can go "fie on you and your random, unscheduled hours". Not that I can't do that now. It's just that it's not healthy for my job.

I think I will forever smell of celery.

I hate this monitor. It's blurry, and it has no degaus, and resetting it just makes it blurrier. Which is why I exiled it to Dad's collection in the first place. It's giving me a headache and I should probably be wearing glasses but I'm not.

Oh. That's better.

Was going to go in to Radio Shack today, to see if they could do anything about *my* crappy monitor, but I got called in to work instead, so I couldn't, and Dad said he would, but he didn't, so it's crappy-blurry monitor 'til Monday, and me and poor Bugger will have to make do.

There's a gnome on top of my computer. Kimry gave it to me. He's holding a basket of flowers in one hand, and a shovel in the other. And I think Kimry is right, and the brownish stuff on the shovel is not mud, but rather brains.

Okay, so yeah, I probably *should* sleep. But I swear - if they call me in again tomorrow, I'm going to be sick. At least, that's what I'll tell them. So I'll check CDIS, and I'll go to bed. Probably.


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