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Feet. I still have feet?

Know what? Standing up for four hours straight from 9am-1pm is vastly different from standing from 7am-11am. My feet hurt. And they're hot. So. Off with shoes.

Also, what kind of loony does their grocery shopping at NINE IN THE MORNING? Worse yet, there are crazies waiting outside for the store to open, knocking impatiently on the doors.

*shakes head* Weirdos. o.O

Anyway - I get paid this Friday! I think. I hope. And it'll be about two hundred bucks.

Yay! :D

They put me on live today - which means that they partnered me with a real cashier and had me go through transactions with real-live customers. It's a lot different when you have an actual register and all those numbers and buttons to worry about. I found myself missing Bard, with the twenty-four item price list and the little slotted drawer. And the calculator in three primary colours. Sigh.

But they did this, today, without warning! We weren't supposed to be on live transactions 'til Friday! O.O

Kimry: If you're coming over tonight, call me before you go to work. Or class. Or whatever. I know you said you had something this morning, but there was a gap or something, right...?

And since I had to get up at five-thirty, I'm now going to pass out until my brain catches up with the time zone.

Seven AM. Yeesh.

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