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So. Work.

I now have a uniform - our trainer, Gwen, had us rooting through boxes of shirts (with the new green Save-On-Foods logo embroidered above the left breast pocket, to boot - because that itty little logo justifies them requiring usu to spend fifteen bucks out of our pockets for it) for the last fifteen minutes of the training shift. There were no extra smalls left, and they're all mens' sizes, so mine's like a small tent. Hopefully, it will shrink. I pity my fellow trainee Erin, who is one of those people who actually *wears* size zero. Before her I thought those people were a myth. ;)
We also got aprons. *Aprons*. They're green. They have pockets. And they're aprons. :P Ah, well.
Already bought my own pants last week, because the black pants the company supplies are the standard-order granny-pant - baggy in the waist and gathered at the ankle. Blech. Also have shoes - black runners. My dorky cashier uniform is complete. ;)
Next week the training shifts start at seven. I would protest more, exept they're paying me 8.60/hour. So. And we get to do the first two hours of the shifts before the store even opens - less distractions mean we can get more done in the first bit and spend more time reviewing things. And next Thursday I get a paycheck! A real one! Of *money*! :D
Yeah; I'm somewhat over-excited, especially since it's only about a hundred and eighty bucks, and at the moment I have no expenses to speak of. But still. Money. ;)
Mum mentioned Lise was looking for a job - I think she should apply at Save-On. At the very least it would be amusing from *my* end, especially since the uniform would be even more too big on her than it is on me.
Yes. I'm cruel. ;)

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