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Tired. Very tired.

Got up at seven this morning to go over first code list one more time. Wouldn't have been so tired then except *someone* kept me up 'til two waiting for her to return my car. *glower*

The training wasn't so bad, though - did four hours, got 100% on the first Code Test. Went over various Till functions enough times that they're burned into my brain. Picked up sisters from school. Spoke to Rissa and Kristine's little sister Kimberly - it's just Kristine. Fetched Shannon, took Lil to dance and went to SallyAm and Value Village. Slim pickings this time of year - I guess I got the first big good batch of spring when I went in May.

Got one fleece pullover thing, for 5.99. Love thrift stores.

Leaving out most articles.

Taking nap.

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