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Tragedy averted!

I had a tragedy the other day - the night Kristine revealed herself as what she truly is, I got home, and realized that my necklace had vanished into thin air.

Anyone who's met me IRL would know what I mean - I've been wearing it since ninth grade. Anyway, I sort of had a mini-panic attack, because it was very weird not having it on. Anyway. Called everywhere it might have been lost, including the 7-eleven at which we stopped, and the Denny's, and I had Nadia search her yard.

Two, three days later, I'd pretty much adjusted to the idea that it was gone and never coming back. It was sad.

And just now, about four minutes ago, Faya called me from Shannon's, and told me she'd found it!

My sister is wonderful when she wants to be. I didn't even *think* of checking Shannon's yard - probably because I was only out of the car at her house about three minutes when I dropped her off, going from passenger side to driver side. It must have fallen off then!

Anyway. Got it back. Balance, yay.

I'm a little incoherent. Forgive me. ;)

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