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Well, I got the job.

I suppose I should be more pleased.

So, I went and picked up the training manual (it's thicker than some of my text books from first year!). I have to memorize sixty product codes. For Monday. Sigh.

Also, Mum got home at nine and said: "Oh, by the way, you've got a dentist appointment tomorrow, at eleven."


Let me make something clear - I hate going to the dentist. Hate it. DESPISE it. And having it sprung on me by surprise is... close to traumatic.

Gods; tomorrow is evil-full. Must go to the bank and get cheques attached to my bank account, must call the scholarship people, must call the lady at the art school about the CGI program, must look into CDIS...

...must buy spiffy work shoes, must buy work pants, must... um... read the training manual. The thrice-damned training manual.

The training they want me to do to stand in one place all day and fiddle with an IBM P3 that has everything locked out except the cash program. Ooh. Challenge. But before I'm permitted to do this, I have to prove I can do multiple tasks that have little or nothing to do with the actual job. Hurrah.

Had a great melody for something yesterday, a really great one, while I was just fiddling with the guitar, and wrote down all the lyrics - but now I've forgotten the melody. Curses.

And... I have a headache. And training starts on Monday (bloody short notice, if you ask me!), and... um... I have a job!

Yeah; that's it. Inspiration strikes - going to go work on Peacemaker.

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