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Hungry. And purple! :D

Have the strangest craving for Froot Loops.

Or spinach tortellini would be good too. Mmm... Minerva's...

Anyway. I had a job interview today. Was exhausted because some people *mock-glare in direction of guilty partie(s)* kept me out 'til four AM.
I *think* it went well... he laughed a lot, and he was all impressed by my computer skills, and he actually asked me what HTML was. Yeesh. But I didn't get any "the hell?!" glances from him, so that's probably a good sign. Although for the interview I became Unrecognizable Suck-up Chandri. So I took pictures, with my hair up and everything. Because it will, one hopes, never happen again. ;)

Also, my hair is now purple. ;) At least, the bits in the front are. In this picture it looks sort of burgundy red, but that's because the purple picks up the red in my hair, and... yeah. Stuff. ;)

Hungry. Hungryhungryhungry...

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