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Again what? Again a new song. By me. Again in as much a week, that is.

Hee. :)

Don't have a name. Very rock-lyricy. Hmm. Lyrics are a bit too shiny-happy-rainbow right now... will fix.

Was kidnapped by Kimry last - um... night-before-last. I think. Day and night run into one another, time loses all meaning. ;)

Anyway, she came and kidnapped me (practically naked right out of the shower, but not quite - she let me get dressed and grab my backpack. And my guitar.). Apparently Kimry had *plans* in mind. Plans to go to the beach and play in the dark, *on* the beach. That is, *I* would play, and sing, and Kimry would also sing.

Never made it to the beach - but we did go out on her balcony and sing loudly enough to attract a small audience of Kimry's neighbors who crept quietly out onto their balconies to listen to us. (They don't think we saw them, but we did! Hee!) One of them, directly across the alley, told us we were good. So, yay. :)

We played until KimryMum came out and told us to stop, because we would bother the neighbors. Which we weren't, I don't think, but ah, well. Personally, I think we should go busking, but I don't guess I've got enough tunes in my head for that.

Anyway. Today, got a good way into writing a new song. And reading most of the first book of the Free Bards, the which Kimry shoved into my hands as I left her apartment. Glad she did, though. Mercedes Lackey. *fangirly grin* Kimry also gave me a maroon-y chemise that doesn't fit her properly, and now I have grand mental images of making many more Faire costumes, in addition to the *other* one Kimry's currently making me (that's an ankle-length off-white chemise and a mauve bodice in satin. Very preeeety. ;), and putting knots of multicoloured ribbons on the sleeves. Grand plans. All I really need, now, are some proper shoes for Faire, ones that aren't going to fall apart at the first sign of wet - and this being the locale it is, wet is a strong possibility. Wonder if I could fake shoes on my own...?

Going to Fanny's tomorrow. Am. Am.

Sigh. Should work on the lyrics.

...just one more chapter... ;)

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