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Coca-Cola Commercial Super-Imposition

I don't know when we actually went to bed last night, (this morning?) but it was late (early?).

Rosie's seemed to have become a little big for its britches; the owners had imposed a "buy three bucks worth of stuff an hour or leave" rule. So... we left. That was nasty.

We ended up at Maple Ridge Waterpark by ten pm with a cooler full of pop, endless bags of chips and ridiculous amounts of bulk candy. We laid out tarps and blankets and sat next to the lighthouse for hours swapping Keith-stories. That was fun. I think I won with my study-story...

First semester this year, Keith and I had the same spare. Around the beginning of the year, the first started to impose the Library Rule - that if you had a library study, you had to be either in the library or outside the school. Something about the fire code. Well; we were not impressed. So when the vice-principal (who had taken to patrolling the hallways) tossed us out of the stairwell, we did not go to the library - we went and stood outside her office and stared in the window for an hour straight. 'Twas great. :)

Two random strangers - named Jordan and Matt, I believe, who reminded me of myself and Shannon.... *shudder* - also sat down and listened to Keith stories for a while. They eventually left. I think we embarassed Matt. ;)

Then we went back to my house - and then on to Tim Horton's. We were there until about two. Then we went back to my house again, and mostly dispersed. Fradia (The "United Republic of Fradia" consisting of Francisco and Nadia... ;)) and Shannon stayed at my house... I just got back from dropping Fradia off at Pizza Hut, where Nadia works. Poor guy. He's going to sit there for all five hours of her shift... o.O

But it was a good night. :)

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