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Quasi-musical sorta-interlude

Writing song(s).

Whee. Love repetetive verse dynamics. Whee.

You know... like... Stand By Me, how you can repeat it over and over, in whichever order you choose, until you and the guitarist pass out from lack of oxygen? *guilty grin* Hey! Dad enjoys it too! ...and it makes my throat hurt when we do that long enough. ;)

But anyway... it's hard to do intentionally, write it, I mean. I'm trying to write a song right now, on a suggestion of kimry's. About superheroes. And the real-life lack thereof.

Anyway. Got this really nifty inter-verse na na na thing going... but I'm having trouble getting the verses to co-operate with the rest of the song. May have to re-write.

But when it's done... I get to make Kimry go all faint from witnesing the wonder that is me. ;)

Nah. Not really. :P She's just easily impresed. ;)

Back to it...

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