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I saw it! I saw it! :D (read: Star Wars spoilers)

I saw Attack of the Clones! And... and... yeah, he's starting to look evil. And they're getting snuggly. (In filler scenes. Actually, we were making Sound of Music jokes - there's a lot of frolicking in vast green fields. Snicker. ;) But most importantly...

...YODA KICKED SOME ASS! And he used a lightsaber! And it ROCKED!!

*ahem* Well. Now that that's out of my system... I lie. It's not.

*does a fangirly dance and hunts for her lightsaber*

Hee hee. ;)

And... we had to buy a ticket from a scalper, because we were one short! And two other people, who showed up too late to buy tickets, had to win theirs from another pair of scalpers by putting on a LIGHTSABER DUEL, right there in the parking lot. And it was *so* cool. They were really, really good, at least one of them in full costume, and everything. And then the scalpers presented them with their tickets, to resounding applause.

Hee hee. I love movie premieres. ;)

And... We got to cheer, and clap, and laugh at all the appropriate parts as one can do at a premiere where everyone is just as excited/insane as you are. Whee. :)

And now it's 3:19am, and I'm not even slightly tired.

Wonder why. ;)

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